Aspen Dental Associates was an early adopter of digital x-ray technology.  What this means for our patients is:

  • Reduced exposure to radiation – while the radiation for dental x-rays has always been quite low, the radiation required with digital sensors  which replace film is lower.
  • Digital x-rays are faster – they are available in seconds rather than 4-5 minutes with film.
  • Images produced in the digital format can be enlarged and manipulated to make diagnosis easier and more thorough.  They can be transmitted  over the internet to specialists and insurance companies, stored on disc or flash drive for our patients or printed.
  • Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly!  Traditional film contains lead foil, and processing chemicals are a problem for waste water treatment.  These have to be collected and disposed in compliance with local regulations.  Digital x-rays eliminate both.


The Veloscope compliments our routine oral cancer screen, which is a routine part of every dental examination.  Rates of oral cancer are increasing and early detection is important to successful treatment.  The Veloscope can display abnormalities that may be difficult to detect with the naked eye. Questionable areas require interpretation by the dentist, making it a useful tool in screening for abnormalities that require treatment.


Our Intra-Oral Cameras allow us to take photos of small areas of your mouth.  Areas of concern, whether teeth or soft tissue can be photographed, stored, and used later for comparison to detect changes.  Of course they are useful in explaining to our patients their dental treatment needs and conditions.


Many dentists, physicians and veterinarians have and advertise their lasers.  They are valuable tools in providing treatment, but they are not an answer to every problem.

Aspen Dental Associates uses a 1064 Wavelength Laser for treatment of soft tissue.  We use it for treatment of periodontal disease and the removal of abnormal growths among other things. The primary advantages for our patients are:

  • Faster treatment with less bleeding and trauma to tissue
  • Reduced post-treatment discomfort
  • Faster healing


We are currently using GURU educational software.  We want our patients to be informed and understand their condition and treatment options.  This software provides many illustrations and animations to make it much easier to explain complex procedures.